For rentals - we stick to a formula which usually fits every property we rehab.  Of course, every floor plan presents unique challenges, but since there is little figuring out what to do, and a punch list is set from the beginning, we're able to make major improvements efficiently.  Since efficiency saves time, you save money.

Rehabbing properties for sale takes a little more planning, but much of the same work applies.  Even unique problems can be capitalized on and turned into opportunities to make a property more desirable for the purchaser.  We generally apply our formula where appropriate, but focus on kitchens and bathrooms, as well as items that most lenders will require to be in good shape.  This saves time during the inspection process, which gets you paid sooner and ready for your next investment.




There are two primary ways to make money in real estate: rentals and "fix-and-flips," and we have experience in both.  Popular television programs feature investors and/or contractors who purchase dilapidated properties and, with a little elbow grease, turn amazing profits.  It's not quite so easy in the real world, but with our skills and experience, we can make a success story out of you, whether you simply want to make your money work for you, or you want to have a share in the work.  We offer maintenance programs for ongoing property management and one-stop-contractor services for rehabs and "fix-and-flips."