If you're looking to add on a room to your home or office, or simply reorganize a dysfunctional kitchen, we are with you every step of the way.

Remodeling And additions

Finding new, creative ways to use your floor plan is a challenge, but it also quite enjoyable.  This picture illustrates our creation of a laundry room (to the right) out of an excessively wide room.  The former doorway was removed, and a new wall - with two angled doors - was added.  We've turned a gable closet into a bathroom, annexed a deck into a kitchen for more space, converted a garage into a master suite, and created two bedrooms and a bathroom out of a basement, just to name a few. 

Whether you're trying to accommodate a growing family, or want to annex an uneeded bedroom to give you the luxurious bath you've always desired, let us know so we can find a way to make it happen.  There is nothing we can't handle.

Remodeling and renovation are often confused, and sometimes both can be involved in a single project.

To remodel in construction means to change the use of a space.  This is always the case in an addition.  For example, that 12x12 space in the yard is now a bedroom.  Inside the home, it is converting something for use as something else.  An unused closet turned into a bedroom. and a hallway annexed into a kitchen are both remodeling projects.